6 years ago today!

Only just realised this, so I thought I’d immortalise the event in <html> form. 6 years ago today, on the 25th January, 2004, I was baptised! 6 years… that’s a third of my life. Scary stuff…


Right, lets get this show back on the road.

After quite a substantial break (well, two weeksish anyway), I’ve decided to ascend once again to the dizzy heights of the blogosphere. Ah, the refreshing clarity of the air… Anyhow, this post is about something I’ve come to realise over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d share it with you.

The thing is, I’ve been ever so slightly addicted to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas over the last month or so, and only last week did I finally come to realise that virtual murder probably isn’t the best way to spend my time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, GTA is a very good game, and I’m not even slightly suggesting that I’m now going to re-enact a violent rampage through the streets of Glasgow. It’s just that, as my mate Chris said, God put the ten commandments in place for a reason, and entering a  virtual environment to break them is a dubious activity at best, and at worst is just plain wrong.

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As I’m sure an awful lot of you are aware, a massive earthquake recently hit Haiti, and the death toll is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. Aid is very scarce. Charities like the American Red Cross, though, are providing aid, and they have teamed up with iTunes to make donating easier than ever. Anyone who has an iTunes account can do this.

Either hit the link below, or if that doesn’t work, go onto the iTunes store and click the red cross logo. Please help out.

Direct Link

Info about the quake: Red Cross, BBC News

Takin’ a break. For a bit.

Just to let you know that I’m going to post quite irregularly, if at all, over the next couple of weeks. I reckon I’m spending to long on the computer anyhow, and the blog isn’t exactly helping that! So, to try and reorder my life priorities a bit, I’m taking a short break from posting stuff. I’ll be back though, Fear not! If anyone wants to take up the mantle, and post some stuff themselves, then give me an email on jnthncampbell@gmail.com. Otherwise, see you in a few days!

God: Mac or PC?

Found this the other day on Stuff Christians Like, perhaps one of my favourite blogs of all time. Do yourself a favour and visit this site. Please.

“I boldly and bravely tackle hard issues. Like today’s. I don’t see Mark Driscoll or Rick Warren stepping to the plate on this one. But I am. We are. Today we’re going to settle something that is divisive and critical and currently tearing the church asunder:

Is God a Mac or a PC?”

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The Sound of Silence

Strangers on the Tube: Unrelated photo I took in London. Chosen 'cos the post mentions trains. I’m literally just on the train headed back to Glasgow, Derby station whistling unstoppably further south as I speed along the rails towards University. I feel like a bit of music, maybe The Primitives, or Al Lewis and Sarah Howells, just to chill out to, you know, and make the journey go a little quicker. I reach into my pocket for earphones… but it’s empty. No matter, I’ve merely misplaced them on my person. I check the other pockets, and check them again, searching with increasing desperation for my audio-lifeline. I check my bag, and my coat, and then repeat the frantic dance once more, my blood pressure steadily rising as my search continues to reveal nothing. Then it hits me. I’ve left them in the seat pocket of the car.

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