A couple of pictures pertaining to both Apple’s idiocy and England’s untimely defeat.

I’ll confess that (firstly) this post is just a chance to express my happiness that Apple have got something very wrong (again). Ever since they forced me to jailbreak my iPod Touch because I wanted third-party apps I’ve had a bit of a grudge with them. Not to mention they made me pay (twice!) for updates that iPhone users got for free. Anyhow. I’m not bitter.

Secondly, and slightly more amusingly, this is a chance to share quite a funny picture with you (originally from thedailywhat, via Sarah Leslie). You can find it after the break. As a background, basically the new iPhones have rubbish reception, and Steve Jobs responded to the (quite serious) problem by basically telling people they’re holding their phone wrong. Genuinely.

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It feels like Winter.

Now don’t get me wrong, the middle of the day is probably far warmer, sunnier, and above all dryer than our average summer. But writing this as I am, in the morning, in the dark, in the bitter cold, with a stuffed-up nose and a thick head, craving some warm soup while I hide under the electric blanket, for the first time my body is beginning to come to terms with what my mind has known for a while. It really is winter here. *Achoo*

[Yes, a short post! Boom.]

Die Mystic Boer

Let’s face it: the Switzerland/Honduras game was beyond dull. Even being in the stadium couldn’t alleviate the mind-numbing futility of the uninspiring play, despite the brief intervals of dancing/singing/mexican-waving that punctuated the monotony. Switzerland and Honduras were both pathetic, I’m afraid to say, and the vuvuzelas only just stopped me slipping into a boredom-induced coma.

It was quite good, then, that my day didn’t end with that match.

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Tangible Hope

It’s when you spend a day with people who have nothing that you actually become aware of what you have yourself.

Although I said outright that this trip definitely wasn’t a ‘kick-ass mission to help orphans’, thanks to contacts in South Africa and above all God’s staggering proficiency at organising opportunities, last saturday I had the privilege to help out at Lebone Land, and spend a day with the children who live there.

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On England and Spiritual Battles

[As a precursor to this post, please be warned that the title is a tad misleading. If you are expecting advice on how to victoriously conquer a certain sin, or win our country with much rejoicing for the kingdom, perhaps you would best be looking elsewhere. This probably won’t help.]

England are through to the next round. Phew.

Now you’d be forgiven in thinking their nail-biting comeback was purely down to nerves of steel, raw energy, and the sheer terror this guy instilled in them, but the reality is far from it. No, England had on its side a far greater force. I’m talking, of course, about the Archdruid of  Cornwall. Continue reading

Tea. Arguably the most Christian drink there is.

I’m not sure that I’ve raved about in on the blog before, but the GU Stall is awesome. For those of you not cool enough to live in Glasgow, the stall is set up outside the GU Union (following so far?), and folk from Christian Union give out free tea, coffee and biscuits to students enjoying a night out at the ‘Hive’. Instead of manically street preaching, which, lets face it, is a little bit annoying, the GU Stall means that people come to us with questions. It’s a much friendlier and more open atmosphere to show people, not just tell them, what this God stuff is all about. It’s also a great place to be taught by God yourself. Over the last few weeks of term the massive importance of relying on Him, and not on my own strength, had been made very obvious.

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