Bridge to Life [Graffiti Video]

In the same sort of lazy and yet inspirational vein as the last post, I’d like to share one more awesome video with you before I break into the arduous task of actually writing something about camp. It will be worth the wait. I promise. Anyway, this video is basically just the message of the Gospel, but presented through a really original and inventive medium: graffiti. I think I’m probs going to embed this on the ‘We Believe‘ page, because it really is a great explanation of what Christianity is all about.



That’s My King!

Seeing as how I’ve just got back from camp, the next few posts will probably be focused around what went down at NCYH 2010. Because I’m (very) shattered at the moment, though, and not physically capable of stringing coherently a together sentence, I’ll just begin with a video which was especially poignant (and conveniently easy to blog!). It’s called ‘That’s my King’, and it’s an improvised speech by S M Lockridge which, in my opinion, is impossible to watch without being over-awed by just how amazing Jesus actually is. More on that in a coming post!

An Unforseen Interlude

I had planned on having 3G internet on my phone whilst at summer camp, but unfortunately my well-made plans have once again been frustrated. Still, I’ve found a spot which gets one bar of ‘Edge’ signal, so I’m writing this by way of apology. I’ll write more about camp later, but for now, you can check out the NCYH website, if you like. Don’t say I never treat you!

I Fought the Law, and they Confiscated my Souvenirs.

[This (would have been) the first in a three-part mini-series (some may even say ‘epic trilogy’) documenting the eventful journey back to my homeland, but it ended up not being very eventful at all, just really long. Ah well.]

Well, that was an eventful boarding! I’m writing this on the way to Johannesburg, from the relative comfort of the tiny propeller plane I’m to call home for the next 2 hours. Mere minutes ago, however, I was engaged in a fierce and valiant struggle against the ever encroaching bureaucracy of ‘The Man®’. I lost. But I lost valiantly. Apparently, airport security actually works…

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The ‘work’ part of ‘work experience’…

It just occurred to me that apart from a brief flirtation with a 3D model of SuperMole, I haven’t really posted anything about the work I’ve been doing over here. I’ve been on a placement at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein, specifically in the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing. I’ve done quite a lot of stuff, from more research based stuff all the way through to hands on work with some of the machines. Some of the stuff was actually quite interesting, believe it or not, so, in no particular order, here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to…

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Quick Fire Quote: God’s Choice

All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.

Matthew 11:27

I haven’t blogged specifically about God in a while, mostly because I’ve been caught up in such undeniably holy activities as learning to fire a gun and appreciating the ridiculously low price of alcohol in the townships. Yes, I know, bask in my spiritual radiance. I’ve already applied for saintship. I’ve had this verse queued up to blog about for a while though, so I thought now could be the time to break out the Biblical artillery and re-establish this blog as the oasis of religious calm that it obviously was a few weeks ago. Seriously though, this verse is mind-blowing.

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