A sort of excuse for my abysmal lack of blogging…

Yeah, sorry about that. I’m sure not many of you were waiting with bated breath, but if there was anyone who was, I really do apologise for your inevitable suffocation.

The reason I haven’t been blogging was initially because I couldn’t be bothered (which is a poor excuse), but then because I was on holiday (which is slightly better, because Three’s roaming internet charge is £1.25/min!). The good thing is that the holiday has given me lots of stuff to write about, so starting Thursday-ish a few more posts should start appearing. *Wahey!*


Finally, Proof!

So we were at Loch Ness, and I just happened to be taking a picture of the sky, you know, with the boat and all. I didn’t even notice at the time, but when I was looking through the camera later, I found this! As far as I know it’s the first sighting in about a year, and the first time ever that both heads have appeared. I’m expecting the publishing deal any day now, but for the moment, feast your eyes on the best undeniable proof of Nessie’s existence, ever. I’ll be honest, I was planning to photoshop an image, but now I don’t even have to!

[Click on the photo for a larger image.]

You too can master ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’!

In each great age philosophers wrestle with their society’s deepest questions. Thus far, though, one great question has gone untouched. One all-encompassing mystery has been left unfathomed. This day, however, marks the end of that dark era. This day marks a new stage in human history, a new plateau of knowledge, a brave new world. Finally, after years of blind struggling, there is finally a tactic. You too can master ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

[Click on the image for the full picture. From ChaCha.com. Oh, by the way, you can ‘like’ posts now, so feel free to click the little button below if you get the urge!]

An Unrelated Bunch of Thoughts

I’m at Trent Vineyard at the moment, and I thought I’d blog some of my thoughts during the service. Think of it as a sort of high tech sermon notebook! I’ll update it as the service progresses.

Thought 1:

While we were singing about God’s love, I thought of something pretty awesome. I love Jesus because of who he is, because of what he’s done. He is lovely; he deserves to be loved.

But get this: he loves me infinitely more than I could ever love him. But not because of anything I’ve done. He doesn’t love me for my life or my actions. If his love was conditional, like mine is, I would be completely screwed! But he loves me, with a passionate love I could only dream of having, in spite of what I’ve done. Now that’s amazing.

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Even if I wasn’t a Christian, I think I’d still love Christ.

I’m slightly better rested now, so I’ll try to explain what I learnt at camp in a bit more of a literary fashion! Now one of the best bits of camp was definitely the morning session, in which (along with a lot of  humorous antics) a short talk was given on the names of God listed in the video two posts ago. It was in one of these sessions that we were asked to look at Isaiah 42:1-4, and what I read made me fall in love with Jesus all over again.
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