I got 95 Theses (but the Pope ain’t one)

Yeah, so I realise it looks I’m being a stereotypical Christian and using Reformation Day as a convenient and slightly less contentious alternative to Halloween, but I’m not, I assure you. It’s just that the Reformation was quite an important event in the history of Christianity, and I thought a blog post could be a good (if completely inadequate) way to commemorate it! 493 years ago today, the Protestant Reformation began with Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg. These were written in response to what he viewed as the problems with the Catholic Church at the time, especially regarding indulgences, and sparked a huge breakaway movement, which led to pretty much every Protestant denomination you see in the UK today. Read up on it! Or even better, watch the video above! I admit, it takes a few liberties here and there, but it is pretty funny! ‘Shout out to Johann Gutenberg! I see you baby.’


Quite a Good CU Meeting, Really…

So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking.

Ephesians 4:17

CU on Wednesday was absolutely incredible. Brian Ingraham was speaking on Ephesians 4, but it was more than obvious that the Holy Spirit was moving through his words. In the passage, Paul lists sin after sin that God commands us not to do, because we have to put off our old ways, and live as Jesus would.

Afterwards, Brian called people who felt convicted to go to the side of the room and be prayed for. I must admit, I was absolutely dreading that moment, because I knew that if he pulled that particular card out I’d have no choice but to go, and I really didn’t want to stand up! But I went over, and God properly spoke to me. Yeah, so I’ve screwed up, a lot. I’ve offended God by what I’ve done. But he doesn’t even remember it. To say that somehow my sin is too big to be wiped clean, and to deeply ingrained to be set free from, is to belittle the incredible, all-sufficient, perfect work of forgiveness that God does through the cross. It’s enough, it really is.

Check out Brian’s blog for the speaker’s perspective of what went on that night. I’m hoping it will be something that lasts!

Sneak Preview of Tomorrow’s Talk!

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 26th) I’ve been asked to do a short talk at the Chaplaincy service that is hosted every morning at Glasgow University, on Matthew 5:21-26. A little bit terrifying, because whilst it is mostly CU people that go on a Tuesday (the prayer meeting is just before), there are quite a few people considerably older than me, including the chaplain himself. I mean, I know age is definitely no indicator of wisdom, at all, but it is always a bit daunting ‘teaching’ people who could easily be my parents or even grandparents, especially when what you have to say may not gel exactly with what they think.

Anyway, I’ve written out what I’m going to say, because while I won’t stick to it completely, I find writing stuff down can be really helpful. So, since I’ve already written it, I thought I may as well put it up on the blog! Cheap effortless post, right there…

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This is the Life!

Went to see Amy Macdonald yesterday, and it was class. The songs were brilliant, the lighting was awesome (haven’t been to a really well produced gig for ages), and the music was, as I expected, epic. I think she’s got a great voice, and the fact that just three years ago she was playing at Brel on Ashton Lane gives hope for us aspiring musicians in Glasgow (I include myself in that category because about once a month I’ll pick up a pen to write a song, only to give up after a line. But the aspiration is there!).

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New Theme!

I was getting a bit bored of the old theme, so I thought I’d go for a new one. I’m not sure why this requires a post at all, really, because you can probably see the theme for yourself… Actually, though, if you are looking at this on Google Reader or Facebook or something, I suppose you may not. Well, just so you guys don’t feel left out, it’s sort of dark greenish and white and has a picture of a fish at the top, showing off my incredible *ahem* Photoshop skills.

On a different note, I’m playing at the CU Acoustic Night tonight, which I’m really nervous about, partly because I’m a wreck when it comes to public performance anyway, and partly because I’m playing for the first time with Grace and Cara, who are both absolutely brilliant (feast your ears on this), and frankly I’m nowhere near as good at bass as they are at what they do, if you get what I mean. So, I’m hoping I don’t bring it down, which I don’t think I will (well, I hope not), but you know how your brain gets at you…

Also, I’m singing a couple of songs too (I’m a Believer and Teenage Dirtbag), which should prove interesting… I’ll let you know how it goes.