Finally, a resolution that actually worked…

A dizzying year ago, in this post, I mentioned how the blog had got 500 hits in a year. 500! Apparently that averages just over one a day, which isn’t great, really. However, I pledged to do more. I hardened my resolved, steeled myself, and aimed higher. And I made it. This year, folks, despite some months where I didn’t post at all, this blog received about 5000 views, an average of about 13 per day, with some months getting an average of 30! Another 5000 this year?


The Copernican Revolution, Part 1.

The other day Chris (my flatmate) showed me a YouTube comment by a particularly enlightened individual. See, this [sarcasm] thoughtful, considerate and well-researched [/sarcasm] commenter claimed that the moon being described as a light (Genesis 1:16) was absolute proof the Bible was wrong, and seemed pretty convinced the argument was watertight, even after Chris showed him otherwise. So, even though I’ve touched on the issue before, I’d quite like to revisit it…

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What does the Bible require?

The first step on any journey is to figure out where you want to go. In this case, I would like to understand how the creation and flood accounts in Genesis can fit with modern scientific thought, the weight of which seems to be against the Bible. I’d like to find a model that doesn’t compromise the Bible, basically, but at the same time doesn’t turn a blind eye to the bulk of evidence that appears to be stacked against it.

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Indiana Stickleback and the Raiders of the Lost… Meaning?

[Yup, this intro was shamelessly cut and pasted from the last post…]

In the fullest sense of the phrase, I have absolutely no idea how God made the universe. I know that he made it, without a doubt. I know that it’s fashioned for humans, who he created to be in relationship with. I know that humans screwed up the relationship, and I know that the purpose of history was the restoration of that relationship, to God’s glory, by what Jesus did on the cross. But exactly how the world was made, exactly how humans came to be here, I’m very unsure. This creates an issue, because, like Paul said, we need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have, and sometimes the question is about creation.*

So, I’m going to look into it. The thing is though, I want to do this properly. I want to approach it systematically and logically, following lines of evidence wherever they lead me, and hopefully ending up with a decent sort of idea about what went on back then. I want to look at books, websites, talk to people who know more than me, look at the context and language of the original passage, and in short do a serious bit of digging to uncover something at least vaguely resembling the truth. I was watching Agatha Christie on TV yesterday, so that could have something to do with the new found desire to sleuth…

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Review: BioLogos

What is it?

BioLogos is a phrase coined by the geneticist Francis Collins (leader of the Human Genome Project and Director of the American National Institute of Health). He received a lot of questions following the publication of ‘The Language of God’, and realising that he couldn’t answer them all by email, he set-up the BioLogos foundation. Its purpose, in the site’s own words, is to ‘[help] the church – and students, in particular – [to] develop worldviews that embrace both of these complex belief structures [Biblical Christianity and modern scientific thought], and that allow science and faith to co-exist peacefully.’ As most of you reading this are probably students, it’s worth a look!

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