24/7 Prayer

I’ve just done my slot in the 24/7 Prayer room in St. Silas church, Glasgow, and I’ve been struck by two things.

Firstly, how little do I pray. It was shocking, as I spent that hour, how many people came to mind that I have genuinely never prayed for, or at the very least prayed for very sparingly. Every Christian is family, and I cannot neglect to pray for my brothers and sisters. It’s just not an option. I need to always bring them before God, because as humans we cannot do life without the life giver.

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Cucumber Sandwiches and Theology

Let’s face it, certain issues in Christianity make absolutely no sense. Why does God care about us enough to die for us? How does God’s sovereignty work with our responsibility? What does it mean for God to be outside of time? How can God be three in one? How can Jesus be completely man but completely God? The mind blows.

And the list could go on. These consecrated contradictions show up all the time. But why? God is a God of order, surely? Of sense and stability? Of nice, neat theological cucumber sandwiches?
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