The Apprentice

Pretty sure this is an accurate picture of the Tron staff meetings...

On the advice of the infinitely wise Stephen Birss, I’m going to once again pick up the noble mantle of online blogger, and bring hope, love and enlightenment to the unwashed masses. The occasion? Starting in September I’m going to be an apprentice at the Tron Church in Glasgow, and I (well, Stephen) figured it may be a good shout to keep a record of what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learned. So here goes!

The apprenticeship is roughly divided into two sections; half the time I’m going to be at Cornhill Scotland, a Bible college with an emphasis on preaching, and the other half of the time I’ll be getting stuck in to the various things the Tron does. This will probably involve student work, addiction recovery work, graphic/website design and maybe children/young people’s work too, although I’m still not 100% sure!

I’m looking forward to it, though. It’s going to be so different from my degree, but (hopefully!) in a good way. I’m particularly looking forward to the Cornhill study, as Bible college (or something similar) is something I’ve wanted to do since sixth form. I’ll try and throw anything interesting up on this site, if I can, as much for future Jonathan to look back on as anything, but if you want to tag along you’re more than welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay!


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