Recently I was queried as to how The Stickleback got its name, which got me thinking it could be a good idea to share a bit about what the blog is, how it started, and what it aims to do.

The Beginning

This blog started on the 9th of January, 2009, as a place to store my musings, particularly about Christianity, and hopefully share them with a few people. See, I’d tried to start up a blog a few times before, but all of them ended up being left to rust in the forgotten reaches of coldest cyberspace. Finally, though, I happened to discovered an app for blogging on my iPod, I thought I’d give it another try. And it worked! The blog was in dire straits for quite a while (for half of 2009 I posted nothing…), but I’m hoping it will last for at least a few more years!

The Name

The name comes from the idea that sometimes life can make you feel as if you’re a small fish in a big pond, like a stickleback. The world is so messed up, and we are so hopeless, that it can seem completely impossible to live anything like we know we should. There’s so much wrong with humanity that it can feel like nothing we do will ever make a difference. But, like the apostle Paul says, we live in Christ’s strength, and it’s Jesus who can help us to do all things. Nothing is impossible with God.

I’ve always liked sticklebacks, ever since we went pond-dipping in infant school, and when I was thinking of a name it came to mind, and sort of fitted. Apart from anything, though, I think it sounds quite cool!

The Purpose

The blog originally started off, as I mentioned, as a place to publish stuff specifically relating to Christianity, but over the last few weeks [Dec 2009] it’s branched out a little into a few other bits and pieces I’ve found on the internet. Also, it handily doubles as an online diary for when I go somewhere mildly exotic!

Really, though, it’s designed to encourage other Christians, by sharing my thoughts as I swim the great river of life (get me. I should be a poet). I think the internet’s a fantastic tool, and whilst there’s a lot of rubbish out there, it can be used to do genuine good. So, if this blog helps just one person as they struggle to live like Jesus in a broken world, it’ll be a success.

All that’s left to be said, then, is I hope you enjoy the site! I’m having fun writing it, so hopefully that’ll carry through to your end!