Hah! Exactly a year since my last post on the blog… Didn’t even mean for that to happen. It’s a sign, folks. A good omen. This next year is going to be epic. :P


The Apprentice

Pretty sure this is an accurate picture of the Tron staff meetings...

On the advice of the infinitely wise Stephen Birss, I’m going to once again pick up the noble mantle of online blogger, and bring hope, love and enlightenment to the unwashed masses. The occasion? Starting in September I’m going to be an apprentice at the Tron Church in Glasgow, and I (well, Stephen) figured it may be a good shout to keep a record of what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learned. So here goes!

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Hmmm… this place looks familiar.

I’m not very good at keeping up with blog writing, it seems. I think it’s just a fact of life. I try, I really do, but then there’ll be a barren stretch, ideas will dry up, and the common tugs of everyday life will tear me away from the joy of posting my every passing whim to a faceless public. It happens a lot, but I’ve really outdone myself this time… It’s been almost a year.

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Introducing: The ‘Do Something’ Page

Hey folks, just a short update today, encouraging you to have a gander at the newly added ‘Do Something’ page, an ever-expanding list of ideas and suggestions of ways to live like Jesus. I know in my life I far too often focus on knowing about God rather than actually knowing Him; my theology can be empty and shallow when it should be bursting through me and spilling over into every part of my life. How often I sit and chat doctrine when I should be out there living it… This is God we’re talking about. God. How can a true knowledge of Him not lead us to action? How can His immeasurable grace not cause us to go? They’re only suggestions, but I hope you’ll add to them as I do (just leave a comment on this post) and try with me to live that bit more like Jesus. We are His body in the world. We are what people think of when they think of Him. Scary.

But we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

My Workspace for the next few weeks…

So, my first day at work started by waiting for an hour at a little café with my host (Ian Gibson), because the guy I’m going to be working with was late! This had its benefits though, because I got to chat all about Singapore, its politics, its healthcare system, its technological infrastructure etc., and I got to try this weird rice cake thing which was quite nice. The food in Singapore looks incredible, by the way, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about that…

But now I’m here! Basically this place is a shared office space, and you can rent time by the month. It’s really cool, and very geeky (there’s a 1UP mushroom on the wall, a Princess Leia pin-up in the kitchen, and the prices for rent rise in binary ($64, $128, $256 etc.) to name a few examples) so I obviously feel right at home… Added to that, my official job is to test and tweak a bunch of computer games they’re making! Makes for an interesting few weeks, I think. Click on the photos below to look around the office…


Finally, a resolution that actually worked…

A dizzying year ago, in this post, I mentioned how the blog had got 500 hits in a year. 500! Apparently that averages just over one a day, which isn’t great, really. However, I pledged to do more. I hardened my resolved, steeled myself, and aimed higher. And I made it. This year, folks, despite some months where I didn’t post at all, this blog received about 5000 views, an average of about 13 per day, with some months getting an average of 30! Another 5000 this year?