Hmmm… this place looks familiar.

I’m not very good at keeping up with blog writing, it seems. I think it’s just a fact of life. I try, I really do, but then there’ll be a barren stretch, ideas will dry up, and the common tugs of everyday life will tear me away from the joy of posting my every passing whim to a faceless public. It happens a lot, but I’ve really outdone myself this time… It’s been almost a year.

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It’s been too long. Far too long.

26 days, my friends. 26 days. That’s 274 days in dog years, the time it takes light to travel 418.5 billion miles, or the amount of time CCTV Cameras spent not working in Coventry last year (Google is a marvellous thing). Whichever way you look at it, it’s far too long to leave you lot without a post. I could make excuses, but I won’t. I could complain about revision, Christmas, and general laziness, but I will try to refrain. You are worth more to me than that. I simply offer my sincerest and humblest apologies, and hope that maybe, just maybe, you can find it in your heart of hearts to forgive me for my thoughtless leave of absence.

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My life must be right boring at the moment…

…or it could be laziness, impending exams, lack of inspiration or the addictiveness of iPlayer. Either way, I haven’t blogged for about a week… So, to rectify that heinous situation in a way which minimises my mental effort as much as possible, here is a funny comic from SMBC. I have got a couple of things to blog about, though, so deeper stuff is a’coming!

Also, it’s my sister’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Don’t crash my car…

A sort of excuse for my abysmal lack of blogging…

Yeah, sorry about that. I’m sure not many of you were waiting with bated breath, but if there was anyone who was, I really do apologise for your inevitable suffocation.

The reason I haven’t been blogging was initially because I couldn’t be bothered (which is a poor excuse), but then because I was on holiday (which is slightly better, because Three’s roaming internet charge is £1.25/min!). The good thing is that the holiday has given me lots of stuff to write about, so starting Thursday-ish a few more posts should start appearing. *Wahey!*