Drawing on World Issues

Stumbled across this page today, it’s a couple of years old but the pictures are great. They really do make you think! Art can be a good tool for ‘deal[ing] with tough and poignant issues’, as the site says, and these coloured pencil pictures are great at showing the juxtaposition between the way we live and the way the majority of folk live.

[Drawing on World Issues via Visual News]




Found quite a shocking quote about Converse a couple of minutes ago, which sucks, because I really liked them. Thought it best to share it with you lot:

…At another factory, workers who are producing on the Converse line, (Nike owns Converse), are reporting daily verbal and physical abuse, including supervisors slapping workers, calling them “dogs,” and hurling shoe parts at them across the factory floor.

So yeah. May have to rethink this one. [Source]

Show Justice, Love Mercy, Walk with God.

Yesterday I posted on the topic of the universal Christian family, and how, as a family, we should have the attitude of the early Christians, who “were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need (Acts 2:44-45).” This may well be more difficult today, as the church now numbers in the millions or billions, but that’s not a reason to sit down and give up. Jesus said that love between Christians would be the defining characteristic of his disciples (John 13:34-35), and love without action isn’t love at all (John 14:23).

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Family Values

In what other family can a total stranger be your brother? In what other family are there homes waiting for you 6000 miles from your own? In what other family is the bond not flesh and blood, but heart and Spirit?

Pretty much none, I think. God’s family is unique. Sinners, wretches, messed-up humans from all walks of life, every nation, tribe, language and people brought together under the glorious banner that reads ‘His, by Christ alone’. We’re as dysfunctional as we are diverse, but through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit we’re being fashioned, lovingly and patiently, into a fitting Bride for the King, a fitting Body for the Head, a community of lives perfectly reflecting Jesus, the one who brought us together by his blood.

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