Retractable Christianity

So Nathan and Amy (the people I’m staying with while I’m working in Cambridge) have recently got two kittens. It’s amazing. My heart is currently in the process of melting due to the unceasing onslaught of extreme cuteness. Quite a nice way to go, all things considered.

Thing is, these little bundles of fur aren’t all warmth, comfort and suspicious damp patches on the settee. No, these kittens have a business end, in the form of 20 miniature knives attached to their heart-warmingly oversized paws… and they haven’t quite grasped how to retract them yet. Ouch.

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Cucumber Sandwiches and Theology

Let’s face it, certain issues in Christianity make absolutely no sense. Why does God care about us enough to die for us? How does God’s sovereignty work with our responsibility? What does it mean for God to be outside of time? How can God be three in one? How can Jesus be completely man but completely God? The mind blows.

And the list could go on. These consecrated contradictions show up all the time. But why? God is a God of order, surely? Of sense and stability? Of nice, neat theological cucumber sandwiches?
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Why the Cross

This is a BIG topic, and one that I still don’t really get, if I’m honest with you. Why did Jesus have to die? Yes, to save us from our sins etc., but why? If God really is God, why could he not vanish our sins away without any involvement of a cross, a Christ, or even us? Why couldn’t he set up some sort of heavenly cleansing process, so when we die our sins are zapped away as we walk through the pearly X-ray machine? I never really got why God chose the method of forgiveness that he did, and in the end I sort of chalked it down to one of those things we’ll find out when we get to heaven, and filed it into the ‘knowledge = head explodes’ bit of my brain, along with the trinity and how they actually get those little ships into the glass bottles. But, as it turns out, it actually does make sense! Hit the break to find out more…

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