Hah! Exactly a year since my last post on the blog… Didn’t even mean for that to happen. It’s a sign, folks. A good omen. This next year is going to be epic. :P


Coming Soon…


Short post here (quite liking this ‘Aside‘ post format, I must admit…), to whet your appetites for an upcoming epic. I love music, and so at some point in the next few weeks a magnificent array of local artists will find their way onto one convenient blog post. Here’s a taster (via Ling Kai official site)…



Found quite a shocking quote about Converse a couple of minutes ago, which sucks, because I really liked them. Thought it best to share it with you lot:

…At another factory, workers who are producing on the Converse line, (Nike owns Converse), are reporting daily verbal and physical abuse, including supervisors slapping workers, calling them “dogs,” and hurling shoe parts at them across the factory floor.

So yeah. May have to rethink this one. [Source]